One part code.
Three parts excitement.

We write code in a language your customers understand - elegant
and intelligent. And we work with the latest cutting-edge
technologies to make it happen.

Cloud Solutions

May the cloud be with you.

Keeping your business on-demand is indeed an easy task with the cloud on your side. Elastic, metered and easy to use, the cloud provides your business with immense computing capability with the click of a button for pennies on the dollar. No expensive hardware upgrades. No outdated software locks. No security blackouts. No sleepless nights. Yes, cloud?

Our cloud transformation services will first help you design a robust go-to-cloud strategy. And like the best jedi knights, we will assist in complete cloud transformation of your business - from infrastructure design and deployment to application migration and management.

We speak cloud. And all of its dialects!

We have successfully implemented cloud migrations leveraging leading PaaS offerings such as Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, Heroku, AWS and Windows Azure. Our deep understanding of the inner workings of the cloud universe makes us the right choice for painting your cloud canvas. So when you pick your cloud, we will dot the i’s and cross the t’s for your business.

Google Cloud

Amazon Web




Web Applications

Build Rome in a day.

Off-the-shelf applications come with pre-fabricated problems - they force your business processes to fit the application and not the other way around. In the real world, your business already knows what processes work best for it. Shouldn’t then the applications that power your business be built around the processes?

Your business is unique. There’s no reason why your applications should not reflect the unique strengths of your business. This is where we can help. We are passionate about designing apps ground up. Much as ​scratch cooking​ brings out the exceptional flavours of the ingredients in your food, a custom application enhances the efficiencies of your business processes. We are like Michelin chefs - we start from the scratch; to design, build and maintain apps that that are reliable, scalable and delish!

We work with cloud-forward and Web 3.0 technology stacks such as LAMP and MEAN to deliver robust and easy to use applications. We also deploy custom stacks, should you plan to build a different Rome.


Behind every good IoT, there’s a great device.

Magic happens when devices start talking seamlessly. We can support your digital transformation by designing, prototyping and commissioning smart devices and sensors that talk in the language you want them to, at the pace you define.

Our approach to developing scalable smart device implementation starts with an open mind. We evaluate multiple parameters - from compatibility with legacy investments to environment variables and communication protocols during the design process. This helps us rapidly prototype various options of components that make up your device plan leading up to scale-ready manufacturing.

Big data

Mine your own business... there’s gold in them data!

Businesses generate a wealth of data that is constant and torrential in nature. This data has three characteristics - volume, variety and velocity - which challenge great minds to come up with great ideas. Most often, this pot of gold goes untapped and unexploited.

With experience in search-guided analytics, our team can help your business gain meaningful insights and predictive analysis from your data in real-time with powerful applications on the cloud.

All’s well that begins well

We love deploying smart devices that communicate with custom-built applications on multi-cloud environments to analyze data for insights and clarity. Let’s build limitless for your business.